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New (double) feature: “Chill for 7 days” and “Chill Until…”

Have you ever wanted to make a message go away and come back later? With Chill you can put a message on ice until a later date. And it couldn’t be easier.

On the iPhone app…

To chill a message in your inbox, pull down on the message to reveal additional options. Tap the arrow-icon. Click Chill Until… and then select a date when you’d like the conversation returned to your inbox. And it will be archived until that date. Out of sight, out of mind — until you’re ready for it to return!



You can also chill messages you send from your device. After composing your message, click the little grey pointer icon beside the character counter and choose “Chill Until…”



To chill a message in your inbox, click the arrow beside the “Archive” button. Choose “Chill for 7 days” or “Chill Until…” from the menu:


If you select “Chill until…”, a calendar will appear for you to specify the date you want the message to return to your inbox:

When sending a new shortmail you want to follow up on later, click Send & Chill Until…


Choose the date you want your sent message to reappear in your inbox:



New feature: See who’s read that Shortmail you sent

Want to know who’s read that your shortmail you sent? Mouse over the message and an eye icon will appear. Mouse over the eye and you’ll see a list of all the recipients that have read the message so far.

The new feature is live at, and coming soon to the Shortmail iPhone app. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Shortmailers say the nicest things…

We wanted to thank all the Shortmail early-adopters for their kind words and enthusiasm throughout our early days. Here are a few quotes from our collection:


Arturo Vergara

@shortmail Your service is genius! I love it! I also especially love IMAP and POP, very handy with the iDevices


Yossi Gofman

As of the publication of this tweet I strongly, but strongly prefer mail items sent to me over shortmail. They will be on the top of my read


Cole Lyman

@shortmail is to poetry as email is to prose


Donald iljazi

@shortmail I am a Web Designer and I am really into the UI. The features and the idea are both the best. Keep on rocking. :) #bestemailever


Jaison De Montalegre

Just installed the @shortmail widget on my site! Great little add-on, got rid of the contact page entirely.


Vijayendra Mohanty

No more contact page. Just add the “Shortmail Me!” widget to your blog sidebar. See it in action on my blog.



Shortmail is the perfect addition to my minimalistic tools of communication.

“Shortmail is the perfect SMS substitute” (private communication).



Vaneeesa Blaylock

@ijustine YOU aren’t on @shortmail yet??? Oh my! This IS a great disturbance in the cloud! 


Clay Cauley

Ahh @shortmail… how I love your simplicity. Prospective client emails are much easier to handle now!


Amit Chopra

@shortmail is freakin awesome . .


Josh Crain

Last night I had a dream @shortmail could be embedded in a website. Son of a gun


Akar Gosrani

@shortmail thats why they are awesome.

Anything simple always catches my mind. For egs: Tumblr, Twitter, Evernote, Shortmail, Stumbleupon. Simplicity. It always works.


Nick Rovisa

Totally in love with @Shortmail. Want to get in touch with me? Shortmail me:


Paul Papadimitriou 

“The shortmail app has been upgraded to my first iPhone screen a minute ago ;-) ”  (private communication)