New (double) feature: “Chill for 7 days” and “Chill Until…”

Have you ever wanted to make a message go away and come back later? With Chill you can put a message on ice until a later date. And it couldn’t be easier.

On the iPhone app…

To chill a message in your inbox, pull down on the message to reveal additional options. Tap the arrow-icon. Click Chill Until… and then select a date when you’d like the conversation returned to your inbox. And it will be archived until that date. Out of sight, out of mind — until you’re ready for it to return!



You can also chill messages you send from your device. After composing your message, click the little grey pointer icon beside the character counter and choose “Chill Until…”



To chill a message in your inbox, click the arrow beside the “Archive” button. Choose “Chill for 7 days” or “Chill Until…” from the menu:


If you select “Chill until…”, a calendar will appear for you to specify the date you want the message to return to your inbox:

When sending a new shortmail you want to follow up on later, click Send & Chill Until…


Choose the date you want your sent message to reappear in your inbox:



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