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When we launched last summer we tried to make signing up easy by supporting sign in via Twitter and adopting everyone’s Twitter name as their Shortmail name. So @Ev in Twitter is That’s great for a lot of folks; and that relationship continues to be true. You can send a Shortmail to anyone by addressing it to

But it turns out, lots of people contacted us saying that they love Shortmail, but they don’t love their Twitter name and could we open things up so they could chose a better name. So we did.

Today, we are announcing the opening of, a sister service to It’s fully interoperable and has all the same great features as Plus it has a brand new, wide open name space. So people can go ahead and create a account with any valid name (respecting the rights of others of course.)

So go to and claim the name that best represents you or your business.  Or use the Shortmail iPhone app, which has been updated to make it even easier to sign up and start using Shortmail.

You can read the full announcement at 410 Labs.

And as always, please let us know what you think.

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